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Search Engine Optimization

A Real World Example

Dominating Your State on Google


Our goal is to rank all of our clients on Google, which is exactly what we did in Massachusetts. Currently, if you search for almost any insurance coverage in MA, the first page is peppered with our client's websites.


Below is the search result for "Business Owners Policy Massachusetts" 


We are actively seeking agents outside of Massachusetts to run SEO programs for so you can dominate before your competition does.


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Google search
How SEO Works

#1 - Targeted SEO Content

In order to rank for anything on Google, you need a page on your website dedicated to that keyword.


There are a lot of factors Google takes into consideration, so just because you have a page on your website for a particular coverage doesn't mean you will rank.

What we do better than our competition is create truly SEO optimized content intended to rank, rather than simply a page about "Business Owners Policy" or "Workers Comp Insurance".


Still not sure if we're better? Ask our competition for case studies and see how they stack up against ours.


success in business
How SEO Works

#2 - SEO Link Building

If 15 of your top competitors all have a page dedicated to EPLI, how does Google decide who to rank?


One of, if not the most critical factor Google considers is Domain Authority - a score from 1-100 that tells Google how powerful your website is. A good domain authority will help you outrank people who also have a good SEO strategy. 


The number one factor in growing your domain authority is links from other websites, back to yours.


That's exactly what our Link Building programs do - earns your website links to boost your rankings.

Let's Talk About Your Website

Optimizing For SEO


Before we run any SEO campaign for a client, we have to ensure that their website is properly optimized. There is a checklist of items that Google likes to see on a website, which if done properly, will propel your site over your competition.


Typically, we perform a complete website audit to determine if there is any work needed to be done to produce the results we are aiming for. 


Website audits are free of charge, and if needed, the resulting optimization costs between $500-$1,500 as a one-time investment. This is a must for anyone who is serious about SEO.