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A great first impression

Budgeting For Your Agency

Built for Any Agency Focused on the Future

Small & Medium Sized Agents


Budgeting for 1-5 Employees

Start small and grow your marketing presence as your agency evolves


Your Budget should range between $500 - $1,500/mo

Website + SEO Foundation

Display a reliable brand image on a professional website that represents the integrity of your brand. Start building a foundation for your agency on Google.

Reputation + Reviews

Reviews on Google drive business to your website. Google reviews help you earn a leg up on your competition when prospects are searching.

Social Media Advertising

Spread brand awareness throughout the community. Using Facebook and Instagram, you can blanket your surrounding town.

Competing With Large Agents on a Budget

Medium Sized Agents


Budgeting for agencies with 5-15 employees.

The internet can level the playing field between you and larger agents


Your budget should range between $1,500 - $3,000/mo.

Website + Reputation

Grow your website to display all of your services with product pages for each coverage you want to sell. More importantly, let's start ranking on Google!

Social Media Targeting

Re-target website visitors with branded content and spread your message to niches that you want to sell to. All of this is done using paid social media ads.

SEO Growth

Investing in your SEO will allow you to out-rank your competition on Google, allowing your agency to rank on the first page for dozens of keywords state-wide.

Your Digital Revenue Growth Engine

Medium - Large Agents


With 20+ employees comes the ability to grow quickly and effectively using digital


Your budget should range between $3,000 - $8,000/mo 

Website Thought Leader

Create an industry-leading website centered around thought leadership and niche targeting. A large website will help you rank for any coverage on Google.

Social Media Sales

Coordinate your sales team and your marketing efforts by creating a vacuum that traps your prospects inside. Social media ads are your best friend for targeted touchpoints.

Amplified SEO

Whatever coverage you want ranking, we've got your back - it's time to start dominating Google across your state for policies you want to sell more of. It's that simple. 

Client Testimonials

"Jump Suit Group has been crucial to the growth of Garrity Insurance's digital presence. We're happy to call them our go-to marketing team!"

Bill Garrity site1

President | Garrity Insurance

"Facebook campaigns coordinated and implemented by Jump Suit Group were instrumental in generating new business!"


President | Paul T. Murphy Insurance