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Sell More Policies By

Rounding Your Accounts


Round your accounts with personalized emails based on tags within your AMS.


Outstanding communication is a common trait of any successful insurance agency. Jump Suit Group fully manages, and enhances, communication with your existing book of business, fostering better relationships and fueling the growth of your agency.



Cross Selling - Gold Cross Selling - Platinum
Pricing $450 $450 $650 $650
What's Included
Fully Managed Email Cross Selling
This means we take care of everything for you. Plain and simple.
Integration of AMS
Your AMS links directly with the cross-selling software, allowing streamlied, two-way, communication between them.
Onboarding, renewal, and cross-selling campaigns
These are instances of campaigns we'd run for you. For example - cross selling your homeowners customers who don't have auto with you. Or sending renewal notices before a client's policy is due to turn over.
Additional Customizable Campaigns
If you want extra campaigns that don't come standard with the plan, we're happy to creat them for you!
Add Texting for $15/mo per Employee
You would be able to have text communications with your clients, in addition to the standard email communications we manage.
Google Reviews - Gold Program Included
Our Gold Google Review program is included with any cross selling program we offer! Woo!
Google Reviews - Platinum Program Included
If you engage with our Cross Selling Platinum plan, you'll also receive our Platinum Google Review Program for free!
Ability to Purchase Additional Hand Written Cards
Our programs come with 20 hand written cards per month, but our platinum plan allows you to purchase more!
Rank Your Promoters
We conduct outreach to your customers on your behalf to determine which of them are more likely to leave positive reviews. Once we have those customers identified, we ask them for Google Reviews!

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More Touchpoints Leads To

Increased Client Satisfaction

Clients want to feel loved by their insurance agent. From happy birthday emails, to renewal notices, consistent touchpoints are an integral aspect of client retention. And the kicker? We handle it all for you!


Combine Your Cross Selling With Fully Managed Google reviews


Our Gold and Platinum Cross Selling plans include with our Google Review Gold or Silver plan.


Learn more about combining our cross-selling and Google Review programs by clicking the button below.


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Boost Your Referrals

Customized, Hand Written Cards

Jump Suit Group ensures that your most satisfied customers are actively spreading their positive experiences among their family, friends, and colleagues. Whenever a client refers someone to you, you can express your gratitude with a personalized, handwritten card sent via mail. We manage the timing and recipient details, alleviating any concerns about forgetting to acknowledge their gesture.



Frequently Asked Questions



Is There a Setup Cost?


Nope! The first month's invoice will serve as onboarding and your programs will go live in month two.


How long does the process take?


Approximately 30 days from signup your Google Review programs will go live.


What Does the Monthly Cost Cover?


The monthly cost covers our team fully managing your Google reviews, cards being sent to referrals, and software subscriptions.


Is this program SEO?


No and yes.  Google reviews are an important piece of local SEO, but there are many other factors that go into ranking on Google. Reviews are great for helping you improve your position on the local map, but we do not consider this program alone a good solution to SEO.

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