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Clients of Jump Suit Group


We are proud to share some of the hard work that we have put in with our clients. Check them out below!

Garrity Insurance

One of Boston's premier independent agents - Garrity Insurance is known as a trailblazer throughout the insurance world.

North American Insurance Alliance

One of the largest insurance clusters on the east coast, The NAIA has touted Jump Suit Group as their exclusive marketing partner!

The Feingold Companies

Worcester's most heralded insurance and financial services company - Feingold Co-President Lisa Hirbour is on the board of MAIA.

T.S. Peck Insurance

Based out of Burlington, VT, T.S. Peck is known as one of Vermont's most progressive insurance agencies!

Rousseau Insurance

Based out of Southern Maine, Rousseau Insurance has been a leader in the coastal insurance space for decades!

Paul T. Murphy Insurance

Agency President Paul T. Murphy has been one of the nation's leading insurance minds for over three decades.