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Jump Suit Group

Who In The Heck Are These Guys?

Entrepreneurs. Friends. Life-Livers. Creators.

Meet 'em below!
Scott Smith Jump Suit Group
Scott Smith
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Co-Founder of JSG and Director of Business Growth. Scott was also the captain of the 2014 Massachusetts state champion golf team and went on to compete for Hofstra University.

Dan Defina
Dan Defina
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Co-Founder of JSG and current COO – Dan may just be the most passionate country music fan you know. You will most often find him in a tank top, flip-flops, and aviator shades.

Connor MacNeil
Connor MacNeil
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You might know me as "Steel" and I'm the third and final Co-Founder of Jump Suit Group. Some of my favorite thangs to do are surf, coach lax and music production. Oh, and I really love my mom!

Troy Morin
Troy Morin
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Co-Founder of U.S. Marijuana Dispensaries Dot Com – Troy just might be this generation's most prominent wordsmith, creating new words and vocabulary nearly every day!

Jump Suit Group - Scott Smith

The History of Jump Suit Group

Jump Suit Group formed in early 2014 after a wild series of events.

WARNING: The stunts seen in Episode 1 were performed by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. Accordingly, Jump Suit Group insists that no one attempts to recreate or re-enact any of our business ventures, as they tend to be very unconventional. 


Jump Suit Group

Some Fun Facts.

  • When Wayland High School banned the sale of soda from campus, Steel would drive to BJ's, buy 36 packs of cans and fill has backpack with soda every single day to sell. Throw a fist up if you ever bought a can from him!
  • Scott's first business was Dudley Waterfront Solutions – an aquatic-based venture helping to prevent the spread of the invasive weed – milfoil – in Wayland's Dudley Pond.
  • Dan majored in Energy & Environmental Policy @ University of Delaware and was awarded multiple grants and funding for GreenWay Ventures – a bike sharing solution for college campuses.
Jump Suit Group



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