Your Reputation IS MisRepresented

How will you close the digital gap?

Many independent insurance agencies have popular brands within their local communities, however, these reputations often don’t translate to the online world – where people are flocking to fulfill their insurance needs. Direct writers with deeper pockets and more resources have begun to dominate the digital world. It's up to the independent insurance industry to win back lost market share. Without a strong online brand, the independent agent will continue to fight an uphill battle.

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Take Control of Your Online Brand

There is a way for independent agencies to compete against larger direct writers online, and it’s the same way agencies like yours have been able to compete with larger companies for years.

Your agency has something to offer that people want and direct writers can’t provide. For years, you’ve given customers:

  • High-quality customer service
  • More coverage options
  • Better access to real, qualified people

Chances are it’s these very qualities that have made your insurance agency a cornerstone in its community. As the world transitions to the online space, it’s time to take these same qualities onto the web and use them for your agency’s online branding. To do this, you need a site that:

  • Has a great, user- and mobile-friendly design
  • Is full of engaging and informative content
  • Serves as an outlet for communicating with customers about sales and service

Your brand is already online. People can find your agency if they search for it. The question is whether it has the same reputation as the one you’ve created offline. Is your online brand working for your agency or against it?

Measuring Your Online Brand With Analytics

To see just how well your online branding is working, you’re going to need to check your site’s analytics:

  • Measure traffic to your agency’s site
  • See where visitors are coming to the site from
  • Check how long visitors are staying on the site
  • Track conversion rates for each page and the whole site
  • Identify the best and worst performing-pages on the site

Key performance metrics like these are a window into how well your site is doing – and how your agency’s brand is fairing online. As your performance metrics improve, you should see an increase in both leads and referrals looking for insurance from modern-thinking insurance experts.

Improve Your Agency’s Online Brand

There are four steps to taking control of your agency’s brand online:

  1. Communicate to your employees that company success is the same online and as it is offline.
  2. Build up an online strategy for your website and how it will connect to your sales and support staff.
  3. Take the message of your agency’s brand to the public online.
  4. Identify target customers and strategies you can use to amplify your agency’s online presence.

At Jump Suit Group, we specialize in creating websites and online marketing campaigns that help independent insurance agencies establish their brands online. We’ll take your agency through each of these four steps and help you establish its brand online in order to attract a new generation of insurance buyers.

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