We Create Security Before It’s Too Late

It’s important to have all possible security features in place before you need them. Should your site ever have a breach, you will lose the trust of customers, prospects, and search engines – all on top of potential financial liability. Avoid such a debacle by setting up a safe and secure site today.

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Lock it Down!

At Jump Suit Group, we create websites for independent insurance agencies that are built with security in mind. On the back end, we take care of everything to make your agency’s site as secure as it can be. Our websites include:

  • SSL certificates
  • HTTPS protocols
  • Secure cloud-based hosting

Building a secure backend isn’t enough, though. While your site has to be secure, it also has to look secure on the front end. Even if you have all of the measures listed above in place, customers will be less likely to volunteer their information unless your site appears safe to use. That’s why we design all sites to look and feel secure, too.

Best of all, we worry about security for you so that you can focus on what your agency does best: providing great insurance service. We have both the hardware and software you need to run your agency’s site safely at full speed. With us, you’ll have all of the security features that the direct writers have, yet still be able to maintain your personal customer relationships. 

Better Security Gets Your Agency More Quality Leads

Building a site that both is – and looks  more secure often leads to an increase in both the quantity and quality of leads that a site generates. When visitors believe your site is secure, they’re more likely and willing to leave information. Not only can your site get information from more visitors, but you’ll also be able to gather more detailed information that your producers can use to close deals on qualified leads.

While there are many factors that visitors may take into account when evaluating a site’s security, one of the most important is the padlock that comes with an HTTPS protocol. Visitors know to look for the padlock, and they’ll often only provide information if they see it. At Jump Suit Group, we’ll take care of getting this protocol, and monitor all other features to keep the site safe.

We Have an Excellent Track Record

We are proud of our flawless security track record. We have never had a data breach ourselves, but we know how to recover from them quickly as we have had to help agencies recover from past breaches. Since we only work with trusted vendors and follow the latest advancements in web security, you can trust us to protect your agency’s website. We’ll make sure it is as secure as possible and that your visitors know their information is heavily guarded.

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