Generate Leads With a Magnet

Not a sledgehammer.

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers on their own terms. With the right content, design, and branding, independent agencies can position themselves where people are already looking for information about buying insurance on the internet – the top of the first page of Google.

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Traditional Referrals Are No Longer Enough

Thanks to large direct writers, the way consumers purchase their insurance has changed drastically over the last few years. As a result, independent agents across the country must adapt. In a world where people primarily look online for information about purchasing, traditional referrals need to be supplemented with inbound leads. To grow, independent agencies must be where their current and future customers are buying insurance right now – on the internet.

People throughout the country are looking for the service, knowledge, and assistance that only independent agencies can provide. To capture their attention, you must be proactive in reaching people on their terms, not yours. We simply create a way to ensure those same people find a real insurance agent - not a gecko or a duck - when they’re searching for insurance information online. This requires an effective online lead generation strategy that combines outstanding content and marketing with excellent back-end service that converts curious people into qualified leads.

Quality Leads, High Conversion Rates and Real Customers

Online lead generation may require a major overhaul for independent insurance agencies that are still relying on traditional referrals. After all, it means acknowledging that an agency’s website is the face of the business. It’s where prospective customers get information and validation about the agency, and sift through product and service offerings. To capture prospective customers who are seeking insurance information, an agency’s digital campaign and website must answer the call with helpful and clear content.

An agency that invests in its online content and website should be handsomely rewarded with promising leads. Leads generated online include a name, phone number, email address, and the precise insurance that the person is interested in. Once agencies have this information, it’s up to the producer to treat it just as they would treat a traditional referral. If the producer calls the person right away, engages them and answers their questions, there’s an exponentially better chance the person will become a customer. 

Measured Results and Proven ROI

As long as these leads are taken seriously, agencies will get quality results, high conversion rates, and most important of all, new customers. These leads are a phenomenal supplement to the traditional referral or walk-in, especially as those referrals and walk-ins become less frequent.


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