Build Relationships Across The Internet

The world is demanding service!

Due to the increase in online interactions, customers are demanding more service from their companies than ever before. They expect to find information instantly, receive replies quickly, and talk with real people whenever needed.

Independent agencies have a long history of providing the best service. We ensure that you have a platform that is designed to build new relationships and strengthen your existing ones. Your agency has incredible value to offer your clients – it’s time to take that online.

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Expand Communication Channels with Customers

When properly designed, a website gives an independent insurance agency a 24/7 storefront for prospects to shop, a website that provides information for visitors, and lets them contact an agent if they need to.

Aside from being a digital platform, it’s not all that different from a traditional office. People come to both outlets to ask questions about their insurance needs and talk with an agent – and both places should let them do all those things.

Expanding communication channels with customers is an incredibly important aspect of a website. The full benefits are realized when it builds a community over every possible channel for prospective clients and current customers. Of course, real agents who follow up on requests from customers maximize these benefits, but it all begins with the site.

Prove Real World Value Online

Direct writers are sending emails to customers, connecting on social media, and advertising all over the internet. They even provide around the clock service and live chat capabilities. The real life insurance value they offer is typically lacking, yet they remain in constant contact with everyone in the market.

Independent agencies can succeed in this fight by extending their uniquely personable service to the internet. All that people are looking for is the ability to quickly contact a reliable agent when they need to. Agencies must adapt to these evolving buying habits.

Tools and Metrics That Make Agencies Agile

Best of all, independent insurance agencies are able to cater online communication tools to their particular needs. Advanced metrics that are available from Google Analytics show agencies just how your customers are engaging with them.

You can see precisely how effective social media campaigns and email marketing strategies are, as well as how many customers you have reached through form submissions, emails, and direct calls. Empowered with these metrics, agencies can adjust their websites and online marketing to maximize the most effective communication channels.

Expand Communications and Adapt to Customers’ Preferences

Let the team at Jump Suit Group design a website for your independent insurance agency that will let your voice be heard in the online cacophony of insurance marketing messages. As an independent insurance agency, you’ve likely been providing great service to customers for decades. We’ll help you provide that same level of service online so that you can build relationships with prospective customers and strengthen your bond with current customers.

You already have the service and products that people want. Let us help you make sure people can reach your agency to benefit from all that you have to offer.

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