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In today’s Digital Age, it’s nearly impossible to sustain business growth without a strong website built around powerful content. Independent agents often know exactly what kind of articles their customers would benefit from most. We will help you take the next step and share it with your customers. 

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Content Builds Trust and Relationships

We live by the notion that “content is king" – not just because it’s the most effective way of reaching customers online, but because of what it does for a brand. Content builds authority, trust, and relationships. As your agency publishes high quality content, your community will come to respect you as industry experts. As people come to respect you as an authority, they’ll trust your agents’ advice more and more. Eventually, when people have a question about insurance, they’ll turn to you first, because of the rapport you've built. 

A World Without Content

Failing to publish unique content through your business can make it impossible for prospects to find you on Google. Without content, agencies miss an opportunity to be the educational voice for their customers. Without your information, customers can't easily learn about the right insurance and end up with direct writers.

Quality Content Creates Quality Leads

The real return on content comes with lead generation, the better the content, the better the leads. The selling process begins with quality content that’s designed to answer people’s questions. It ends with lead nuturing aimed towards converting customers. 

The people who contact your producers have demonstrated legitimate interest – in fact, statistics show that 57% of a customers' decision has already been made by the time they reach out to your business. They found your content valuable because it answered some of their questions, but they will often have more inquiries that the content didn’t address. Whether their remaining questions are on how much a policy would be, or what a particular coverage includes, it’s the producer's job to provide answers, and suggest products to help. The better your content, the more trust a customer will have in doing business.

Quality Content Requires Constant Research

Creating quality content, however, requires constant research and improvement. Data-driven analysis identifies what topics people are searching for and how to reach them with the answers they need. Such a solution includes:

  • Search results on Google to identify common insurance questions people may have
  • Competitors’ positions to seek out areas of opportunity to rank above them
  • Visits, time on page, bounce rates and other metrics to discover top-performing topics
  • Defining elements that drive top-performing content to replicate best practices

This is precisely what we do for you. Our team of analysts work closely with our content creators. Together, we transform this data into quality writing and rich media that makes our clients stand out from the pack.

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