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Jump Suit Group

The Videos

Episode #1

The stunts seen in Episode 1 were performed by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. Accordingly, Jump Suit Group insists that no one attempts to recreate or re-enact any of our business ventures, as they tend to be very unconventional. 

Episode #2

  • The boys move to York, Maine.
  • Steel loses his Go Pro and then goes on a rant about entrepreneurship that may or may not be relevant to you, but you should hear it either way.

Episode #3

  • Defina installs a trail-cam in the back yard
  • Scott shows off knack for fire stoking
  • Troy proves he does not know what day it is
  • Steel dresses like a penguin

  • Pura Vida: Defined by Ticos (Funky Costa Ricans) as living life to the fullest while encouraging the appreciation of it's simple treasures.

  • You bet your sweet-assed, baby-coconut milk that me and the boys did exactly that on this swell-infused excursion to South America

Briggsfest 2017

Steel goes behind the scenes @ Briggsfest with...

  • Sammy Adams
  • B.O.B
  • Waka Flaka
  • Carter Reeves
  • Caye

Fresh Kicks: An Underdog Story

  • The Year is 1983.... Drugs had flooded the streets.... Boston was in need of a hero... They got two

Shout out to Clear and Cavanaugh for being some evil ass villains!