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US marijuana Dispensaries

U.S. Marijuana Dispensaries

Cannabis is proving to be one of the world's more versatile and underutilized resources – from spiritual discovery to pain relief and anxiety protection.
U.S. Marijuana Dispensaries

U.S. Marijuana Dispensaries [dot] com

^ Our sister company in the cannabis industry where we talk and advocate for anything and everything cannabis related.

Not only do we have killer content, we are a humble supplier of CBD oils, vapes, and topical lotions that serve a variety of uses for our customers.

Looking to learn more about the future cannabis, CBD, and how it is being used as a medicine for disorders like epilepsy and arthritis? 

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U.S. Marijuana Dispensaries

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U.S. Marijuana Dispensaries
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Troy Morin

Our Boy Troy

Troy Morin is a beautiful soul, hilarious cat, co-founder of, and the engine behind U.S. Marijuana Dispensaries Dot Com.

As an avid Ganjapreneur, you might recognize him from some of our videos - if we were to consider anyone the 4th member of JSG, it would be this slick fella.

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