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What Are Social Media Ads?

They are the advertisements you receive while you are scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.

We send messages from your agency to specific demographics or niches that you are looking to reach using social media channels.

Have you ever been talking about a trip to the Bahamas and 15 minutes later you receive an ad from Delta Airlines about taking a vacation?

It's exactly that – hyper-targeted content sent to consumers at a specific time.

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Why Social Media Advertising is Important

Social media advertising allows you to get super-specific with your messaging. The options are truly endless - we can target plumbers in Orange County, dentists in Salt Lake City or new home owners in the suburbs of Boston.

Social media puts your agency in front of a relevant audience - an audience you can provide value to.

How Do We Do It?

We work with your agency to define your niche - first-time homeowners, landscapers, tech start-ups, whatever it may be. Once we have the niche, we create video content (AKA – the ads). This is what the end consumer will see when they are fed the ads by Facebook.

After we run our ads so that we can use the data we collect to get even more granular, sending ads to only people who have watched 75% of your video or clicked on the link to your website, for example.

We keep narrowing your audience until you reach your goal – new warm leads. 



Campaigns are fully managed, meaning you don't need to do a thing.

Bi-Weekly Adjustments

We constantly adjust and tweak your campaigns to improve results and lower costs.

Monthly Reporting

We provide reports about on the performance of your ads & what the next steps are.

Industry Expertise

We are very experienced in this field, which means you get to skip the learning curve.

Ready to Start Running Ads?

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