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We generate enough new business for your agency to pay for your digital marketing campaigns. In summary - we make you more money than you're spending. Scroll down to see the calculations of how we get you there!

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ROI Calculation – Assumptions:

15% Agency Commission

We assume that the average commission for new commercial policies is 15%

$3,500 Average Premium

The average premium on a new policy (commercial and personal) is $3,500 annually.

10 New Leads Per Month

The average number of leads generated per month is 10. We also assume a 20% conversion rate.

Calculating ROI

Average Break Even = 18 Months 

- 10 Leads/mo x 20% Conversion = 2 Customers

- 2 Customers x $3.5k premium = $7k annual premium

- $7k annual premium x 15% commission = $1,050 profit/year

- $1,050/year x 18 months = $18,900/year

- Yearly marketing budget = $18,000/year

- ROI = 100% in under 18 Months


Growth Over Time

The beauty of working with Jump Suit Group is that the results are compounded over time. Campaigns we run are not only effective in the short term, but continue to snowball over time for long term growth!

Let's Go!

Client Success

Our client has been investing in our SEO programs for nearly two years and is generating 700% more leads targeting keywords of coverages that they want to sell more of.

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Bill Garrity site

Bill Garrity

President - Garrity Insurance

"Jump Suit Group has been crucial to the growth of Garrity Insurance's digital presence. We're happy to call them our go-to marketing team!"

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April McBriarty-Weismann

Executive VP - HPM Insurance

"Jump Suit Group is an invaluable resource. I would strongly recommend Jumpsuit Group for any business that wants to tackle on-line marketing, yet not get consumed by it."

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Tommy Vocatura

President - Charles River Insurance

"We wanted to rank for Cannabis Insurance and Jump Suit Group got us there - we really embrace the work they do for us!"

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 Paul T. Murphy

President - Paul T. Murphy Insurance

"Facebook campaigns coordinated and implemented by Jump Suit Group we're instrumental in generating new business!"

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