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What is the "SEO Booster" Package?

The SEO booster package addresses the most important factor in ranking on google - Domain Authority.

We help increase your website's domain authority so that when Google is deciding who to show on the first page for  "inland marine coverage near me" your website outranks your competitor's website.

We manage this package and boost your rankings while you spend your time closing the leads we generate.

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What's Included

  Fully Managed   Leads To Your Inbox   Manual Outreach  Account Manager


Why is it important?

The most important factor in Google's algorithm is domain authority. But what is domain authority? Domain authority is a score your website receives based on how many other websites are linking from their site to your site.

Links from other websites account for nearly 30% of Googles algorithm. 

By other websites linking back to you, it shows Google that your website is reliable and has great information. Think of it like a popularity contest, but with websites!

How do we do it?

The internet is all about having the best content for the end user. That is always the goal, and that's the way Google operates. We create top-notch content on your website and then do outreach to other publications and websites to show them how awesome your content is.

When they see the super-helpful and informative content on your website, they are more inclined to link back to your website from theirs, because they want their website visitors to have the most helpful content at their fingertips. 

The concept is simple, yet it requires a lot of hard work. And you can leave that hard work up to us!




Website Authority

This program is designed to grow your website authority and get you ranked.

Fully Managed

You don't have to do a thing - just sit back and watch your rankings rise and leads roll in.

Keyword Reports

We show you exactly what your website is doing regarding the keywords we target.

Monthly Reporting

We'll show you the leads we generate each month generated by this program.

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