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We are Jump Suit Group, an experienced team of graphic designers, writers, photographers, developers, SEO analysts and online consultants.

For years we have helped independent agencies throughout New York and New England grow their business with new and improved digital strategies.

We are always hunting for better ways to offer our clients a competitive advantage to:

  • Compete against the direct writers
  • Improve efficiency in the digital world
  • Adapt a cost-effective solution to capturing leads
  • Attract the millennial marketplace


Jump Suit Group takes a customized approach to digital marketing. We work with a limited number of highly motivated clients ranging from small businesses to nation-wise brands. All of our clients have one thing in common— they’re focused on getting top search engine rankings that stand the test of time.

A tactical, tiered approach is an important part of any successful digital strategy, but many businesses lack the time and/or expertise to execute a cohesive and consistent digital lead generation effort.

We’re experts at all things digital because we’ve spend years deploying and testing our skills.

Scott Smith

Jump Suit Group

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