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Custom Content For Your Facebook Page

Keeping Your Finger on The Pulse

What is The Facebook Management Package?

As people move through the awareness stage of the buyers journey, there is a high probability that they will land on your Facebook Page

This package ensures that your Facebook page is updated with new content throughout the week and that any prospect that lands on your profile will feel your agency's trust.

Flip through the slider of images to find some awesome examples that we created for our friends over at Paul T. Murphy Insurance!


  Unlimited Support   Post Copywriting   Monthly Calendar   Easy Collaboration


Why is it important?

An active Facebook page communicates to prospects that your agency is a contributing member of the community!

How do we do it?

We start by working with your agency to develop a strategy - what is the voice you want to communicate?

Next, we craft custom graphics and source vetted carrier content that meets the criteria set forth by your team.

Once we have created a dense content-well, we populate a calendar with posts so your team can visualize the month ahead and feel confident in the message you are delivering.


Content Calendar

A monthly content calendar outlining which posts will be released and when!

Account Manager

A dedicated account manager who is here to help you along the way!

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics, with your logo and your reviews!

Peace of Mind

We've got your back - no need to stress over an active Facebook page!

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